Are you a Grand Theft Auto fan? Excited about the impending, and almost inevitable, firestorm that is sure to hit once GTA V finally hits stores on September 17th?

Well thankfully Rockstar Games, the producers/developers of the Grand Theft Auto series, have recently released a web app on their website that is sure to have the characteristically impatient GTA fan in all of us soiling our pants in anticipation. Appropriately dubbed the “Midnight Launch Locator”, it attempts to boost anticipation for the release by preemptively informing gamers of where to go, or more likely where to camp-out, once the midnight launch date approaches.


 What is the Launch Locator, and how does it work?

As the title suggests, the Launch Locator is a simple web application that allows gamers to enter their location (zip code and all) to find the nearest retail outlets that will be hosting a midnight launch for the much-anticipated sequel. The app generates a listing, in the right pane, of all the stores within a reasonably close radius of the entered location. It comes complete with both a distance estimate (in miles), as well as the exact street address for all the stores listed.

Unfortunately to all of our non US/UK readers, including myself, the app does not support any location outside of these regions. It look like we, instead of participating in what is sure to be an amazing spectacle, will have to instead settle for a YouTube video (or two). *sigh*

In additional news, anyone living in or around New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle or Boston will be getting a free Grand Theft Auto V key chain to go along with their purchase if pre-ordered at any Walmart location.

Are you excited as we are to get your hands on a copy of GTA V? Find out where to find the midnight release via the Midnight Launch Locator here.

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