November 23, 2013, is the exact day, fifty years ago, when Doctor Who was first aired. It is quite a milestone for a story, and for a universe, and, even as I am writing this, I sit in both awe and anticipation for the season 8 premier.

We were left on the metaphorical cliff of our chairs with the season 7 finale back in May; my jaw in particular was dragged around the floor for a few days, and, as I progressed to study the episode and read around various forums of discussion, I have formulated somewhat of an opinion about what I feel are significant clues to what the upcoming 50th anniversary episode will be all about. So, fellow Whovians, here is my brief run down and opinion to coincide with the just released poster and art. If you are afraid I may ruin the story for you, then I will kindly request you avert your eyes.

A theme that first became apparent to me when watching the finale was the now cracked panel on the Tardis. This is symbolic for two major reasons: The first being that this is the only time the external appearance of the Tardis has been altered, and we know its iconic blue police box visard is due to a broken chameleon circuit. The second reason being that the symbolic representation of the 12th regeneration that broke all the rules.

doctor_w1tWhen John Hart is revealed as a regeneration, many of us held on to what was said, but then there are the few of us who started to noticed something about his appearance.It became clear that this other regeneration is wearing the leather jacket of the ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, and very similar attire to the 8th Doctor, Paul McGann, underneath. (Give or take the texture or colour of the of his scarf.) We never truly saw what happened between the eighth and the ninth regeneration, so, in speculation, I feel it is safe to presume John Hurt is in-fact the real ninth regeneration, and Christopher Eccleston is the tenth and so on and so forth. But still, for now, we will refer to him as the 12th, so I can maintain the theme of the cracked panel.

The John Hart regeneration stated “what i did… i did without choice, in the name of peace and sanity”, our 11th doctor response was “But Not in the Name of the Doctor”. It is also important to note our 11th stated “He’s the one who broke the promise.” And as previously mentioned in the series “Doctor” means to heal. I Personally feel this is specifically the broken promise. So, looking back at our 8th regeneration, we are looking at The Time War series, but specifically I want to talk about what ended it in association to the broken promise.

The Moment.

doctor_w2tThe Moment was the weapon the doctor utilised to time-lock the entire war, preventing anyone from travelling in or out. Sentencing both sides to hell; however, preventing himself from returning and saving his people. This is what I feel is specific to John Hart, this is what I am expecting as a bridge between the 8th and 9th Doctors, The one who broke the promise.

However, lets speculate over the newly released poster;


A John Hart walking away from chaos and destruction in what appears to be an explosion of time energy consuming daleks, possibly a portion of the Tardis and what is left of a wall with the oh so chilling words Bad Wolf. (A Wonderful way to make Rose’s Presence Known)

From that I am wondering perhaps the John Hart regenerations is actually responsible for 10 million strong dalek fleet crumbling and Gallifrey burning like a newly born planet earth. Perhaps the Moment being used was of pity, to those suffering mutual destruction of both side.

The rest of the poster really doesn’t give much up for discussion other then it will just be incredible that both Matt Smith and David Tennant are apart of this special. Symbolically it is fair to say they are the angels standing amongst the heavenly sky. It is very much so a Heroes together against the Villain imagery they have put forth to the public, but none the less this is definitely exciting.